Kimchi-jeon (김치전, Kimchi Pancakes)

Kimchi-jeon (김치전, Kimchi Pancakes)


Kimchi-jeon (김치전, Kimchi Pancakes) considering Seafood, Kimchi, Agave Syrup, Sesame Oil, Red Chili Pepper, Pancake Mix, Potato Starch, Ice Water, Vegetables Oil, Soy Sauce, White Vinegar

The ingredient of Kimchi-jeon (김치전, Kimchi Pancakes)

  1. 50 grams seafood such as shrimp, squid or scallops u2013 optional
  2. 1 cup kimchi cut into small pieces
  3. 1/2 tablespoon agave syrup or sugar
  4. 1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
  5. 1 red chili pepper seeded and cut into thin strips u2013 optional
  6. 1 cup pancake blend Korean, known as buchim-garu, ubd80uce68uac00ub8e8
  7. 2 tablespoons potato starch or corn starchu2013 optional
  8. 1 cup ice water
  9. vegetables oil
  10. soy sauce
  11. white vinegar or rice vinegar

The instruction how to make Kimchi-jeon (김치전, Kimchi Pancakes)

Nutritions of Kimchi-jeon (김치전, Kimchi Pancakes)

calories: NutritionInformation
carbohydrateContent: 210 calories
cholesterolContent: 28 grams
fatContent: 5 milligrams
fiberContent: 8 grams
proteinContent: 2 grams
saturatedFatContent: 4 grams
sodiumContent: 1 grams
: 710 milligrams


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